Naston Engineering  is committed to developing wastewater treatment systems, vending, sewage treatment, tank fabrication and liquid transfer system. Our work leads us to a subsidiary strategy that empowers each management team to develop a business that will eventually become an industry leader.

Teaming the best minds best practices, our subsidiaries help expand  reach in addressing the challenges we face. In the process, we also advance our mission of using science and technology as a positive force for change.

Prophasis Consults is our subsidiary company, set up to focus on IT solutions for utilities, especially, water and energy sectors.  We also serve the Government and the financial sectors to promote cutting edge IT solutions.Prophasis Consults is an IBM Partner Company.


HELICONIA is a Procurement and Logistics company, focusing on supply chain management for all industries.


This is a specialist company set up to run water works and power plants for estates and municipalities.

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