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Liquid Transfer Systems


Our water pipe laying services include both emergency and standard plumbing services for water and sewerage systems. At Naston, we have a dedicated and committed team of licensed plumbers who are ready to provide you with a professional plumbing service and peace of mind.

We will be pleased to discuss any plumbing requirements you have and provide expert advice that will allow you to have an effective and efficient solution.With a wide range of plumbing solutions including:

  • pressure sewer systems installation and maintenance
  • fire service repairs and maintenance
  • fire extinguisher service and maintenance
  • general plumbing services
  • commercial water audits .


  • Faster repairs to burst services
  • No more copper corrosion
  • Increased water quality
  • Extends service life for up to 50 years
  • Reduces OH&S issues dramatically
  • Applicable to all pipe material
  • Lower drag, better flow efficiency
  • No road closure – reduced customer inconvenience
  • No risk to other authorities assets


Our service fleet is equipped with the technology to treat service pipes from the main connection point to the water meter :

  • For all size diameters up to 50mm
  • Applicable to all pipe materials
  • Considerable time reduction
  • Sections of around 20m in length in one process step

Other features include:

  • Fully self-operation integrated unit
  • Excavation only at mains connection point
  • No impediment to local traffic flow
  • Highest safety to public and employees


Naston Engineering has been serving the fire hydrant needs over 20 years. We construct and provide repair services and preventative maintenance for most makes and models of fire hydrants.

Preventative Maintenance:

Our company can set up periodic maintenance schedules to exercise, lubricate, and test your hydrants to keep them functioning smoothly; preserving the longevity of the hydrant.

Complete Hydrant Rebuilds.

Our trained technicians can disassemble and completely rebuild a non functioning or faulty hydrant, leaving it in like new condition, preventing complete replacement.

Hydrant Lowering

Through the use of our custom designed portable machining equipment, Naston Engineering now can perform the precision cutting, grooving, and drilling required to lower improperly installed hydrants to the proper operating height . This is alldone above ground with minimum digging, saving thousands in excavating and hydrant parts.

  • Install Extensions
  • Exercise Valves
  • Trim and Groove Broken Barrel Sections
  • Complete Hydrant Replacement
  • Hydrant Flushing
  • Flow Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Painting


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