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Sewage Treatment Plants

Construction and rehabilitation of sewage treatment plants

The sewerage collection and transfer system is a network of underground sewers and pumping stations that carry sewage to a treatment plant. Pumping stations are needed to pump the sewage along a rising main to a high point where gravity takes over and sewage flows to a treatment plant.The sewerage system collects raw sewerage from customers located in our area.The infrastructure is diverse in nature as is the associated operations, maintenance and construction of assets in the system.

The functions associated with operating and maintaining the sewerage system are diverse and will include a high level of customer consultation, system knowledge, technical expertise to manage issues ensuring that customer, community, environmental and business objectives are met.

We supply premium quality sewage treatment plants wherein the process of removing contaminants from effluents takes place in the most effective manner. The sewage is settled to remove the complex/solid wastes, after which the waste is biologically treated in the oxidizing bed to reduce the level of BOD and COD.

The plant ensures that the final effluent is 95% clean and can be used for irrigation, groundwater recharge or land drainage system.e We construct sewage treatment plant both aerobic & anaerobic process.
Our range of effluent treatment plants addresses to the needs of varied industries such as chemical, tanneries, pigment & dyeing, where there is a dire need to treat the effluents in removing the color in addition to TDS, COD, BOD and others. We are supplying our plants to cater to the demands of small scale industrial water treatment units, municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment plants of more than fifty countries. Technologies developed in-house include production of process water, boiler feed water, industrial effluent treatment, municipal wastewater treatment, bio-solids, sludge recycling and reuse of wastewater. We use advanced technologies like Aeration, Reverse osmosis, Nano Filtration, Ultra filtration and evaporation systems to remove the harmful elements present in the effluent discharged from various process industries. The plant is used in the following areas to create an unpolluted and eco friendly environment. The quality achieved from the plants conforms to the standards set by the Pollution Control Board.


  • Activated Sludge process
  • Re-activated Sludge process
  • Anaerobic Systems
  • Aerobic Systems
  • Recycle Systems & Tertiary Treatment Plants
  • Physico Chemical Treatment Systems
  • Clarifiers
  • Clariflocculators
  • Agitators and Aeration Systems

The output of our sewage plant satisfies all parameters of pollution control Board.

  • Monitoring of pumped systems via telemetry (SCADA), including well levels, power availability, communications links, etc;
  • Identification and implementation of a variety of odour control measures in sewer pump stations (eg. mixers, washers, vent stacks, soil beds, odour scrubbers, biofilters, etc.);
  • Cleaning of sewer rising mains through a variety of techniques (eg. swabbing, biocide dosing, air scouring, etc);
  • Repairs to a wide variety of sewer pipe sizes and types (eg. 100 mm PVC to 225 mm vitreous clay to 375 mm asbestos cement to 600mm concrete);
  • Management of bypass pumping and eductions during repair works (up to 6ML per day);
  • Managing a whole range of customer related issues including tree removal, repairs to house connection branches, management of internal spillages, etc;
  • Provision of technical assessments of proposed buildovers near or above sewer assets;
  • Coordination of safe and appropriate entries into sewer confined spaces;
  • Routine cleaning of wet wells and manholes;
  • Scheduled and emergency closed circuit television inspections of reticulation sewers and house connection branches;
  • Coordination of minor sewer works (eg. connection of Branch As, minor extension of reticulation sewers, raising of manholes, etc.).


Our maintenance services includes:

  • Repair and rehabilitation or replacement of wastewater pipelines and assets
  • Manhole and manhole cover replacement
  • Emergency by-pass pumping
  • Blockage clearance
  • House Connection Branch installations and replacements
  • Closed-circuit Televising of wastewater pipelines

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